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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What do I need to get into class?
Answer: All a student needs to register for class is to come to class registration on time and to bring a valid state-issued pictured ID.

Question: How much does the class cost?
Answer: Mississippi Delta Community College's Adult Education classes are completely free of charge. The only cost that students may incur is paying for the actual high school equivalency (GED, HiSET, etc) tests and/or practice tests.

Question: Where can I go to class?
Answer: There are four available class sites where one can attend Adult Education classes. Those sites are:
Mississippi Delta Community College's campus in Greenville, MS
The WIN Job Center in Greenville, MS
Mississippi Delta Community College's campus in Moorhead, MS
Mississippi Delta Community College's campus in Greenwood, MS

Question: When is class?
Answer: Mississippi Delta Community College's Adult Education classes are generally year-round. All four class sites have two separate class times. The morning classes are Monday-Thursday from 8:15 until 12:00. The afternoon classes are Monday-Wednesday from 1:00 until 4:00.

Question: Is there a night class?
Answer: Due to lack of interest, Mississippi Delta Community College does not currently offer a night class. However, we do offer an online program for students who may need to work during our daytime class offerings. At registration, please mention your work schedule and need for an online option to your instructor. 

Question: How long will it take to get my diploma?
Answer: This varies by student depending on educational foundations.

Our teachers will work with all students for as long as it takes to reach their goals.

Question: Do I have to come to class to take the GED test?
Answer: No. Anyone without a high school diploma may pay for and take the GED, Hi-SET or TASC test at any point by going to the corresponding website and signing up. However, we encourage you to attend Adult Education classes so our qualified teachers can help you determine if you are ready for the test free of charge. 

Question: What is Smart Start?
Answer: Smart Start is a component of Adult Education promoted by the state of Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi Community College Board. It helps participants learn necessary life skills such as balancing a checkbook, how to buy insurance and dealing with debt and creditors. Smart Start participants will also learn important work-ready skills such as how to find and keep a job. Smart Start participants will be prepared to take the exam to receive the National Career Readiness Certificate.