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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Field Crops Technology

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Field Crops Technology

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Field Crops Technology

The Field Crops option of the Agricultural Business Management Technology Program is designed to provide students with a common core of management skills and additional training related to the production of field crops and weed, insect, and plant disease control. Instruction incorporates computer-based activities from various sources, including agricultural software packages.

Admission Requirements

Students must submit a composite score of 14 or higher on the ACT.  Students who do not have an ACT score, must score at the 9th grade level or higher on the TABE, Form 9/10.  Exceptions may be made with instructor permission for students that do not meet entrance requirements. In addition to this ACT requirement, re-admit or transfer students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Completion options include a Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree.


Course Check Sheets

Technical Certificate
Advanced Technical Certificate
Associate of Applied Science


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