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College Prep English

Students who are required to take a College Prep English course must obtain a “C” or better and/or meet the requirements of any exit exam at the end of each course in order to be eligible for full admission status. A student who fails to meet these standards in any College Prep English course will be required to re-enroll in the course and will not be eligible for full admission until the exit standards are met. College Prep English is dedicated to preparing incoming college students for collegiate level English curriculum. Our faculty takes a multi-faceted approach to teaching by integrating strategies that address the diverse learner and giving students the skills needed to be better readers, writers, and speakers. Our faculty is also devoted to the use of technology within the curriculum, and we offer a variety of courses with web-based textbooks. We offer Beginning English and Reading for those with a 13 or below on the ACT and Intermediate English and Reading for those with a 14-16 on the ACT. Some of these sections are OER (Open Educational Resources) courses that do not require the purchase of a textbook. 

Claire Green

Marjorie "Claire" Green

College Prep Instructor
Office: Tanner 205


Candace "Candy" Wheat

College Prep & English Instructor
Office: Tanner 208