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Students majoring in Music at MDCC are pursuing degrees in Music Education or Music Performance on the Moorhead Campus. Music majors fall under three categories: Instrumental (woodwinds, brass, percussion, guitar), Piano, or Voice. ALL music majors are required to take Applied Lessons, Recital, Music Theory 1 & 2, and Piano courses offered by our faculty. Each music major is also required to participate in at least one music ensemble on campus each semester. Our music ensembles include: The Spirit of the Delta Band, MDCC Singers, The Ambassador Band, African Drum & Dance Ensemble, and many more!

Several scholarship opportunities are available for students who are gifted in the performing arts. Students may audition for the following groups: The Spirit of the Delta Band, the MDCC Singers, and the Ambassador Band. Auditions for each group are held during the spring semester.

Meet our Faculty!

Ben Folk - Instructor of Music, Applied Piano Lessons, Piano Class, Recording Arts Fundamentals, Computer Recording, Entertainment Industry Studies

Harvey Jackson - Instructor of Music, Director of Choral Activities, MDCC Singers (scholarships available), The Ambassador Band (scholarships available), Music Fundamentals, Applied Voice Lessons

Ryan Jobe - Instructor of Music, Director of Bands, The Spirit of the Delta Band (scholarships available), Applied Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion Lessons, African Drum & Dance Ensemble

James Shannon - Instructor of Music, Music Theory, Commercial Music Theory, Song Writing, Guitar Class, Entertainment Industry Studies, Applied Guitar and Brass Lessons

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Ben Folk

Benjamin "Ben" Folk

Music Instructor
Office: FA 204

Harvey Jackson

Harvey K. Jackson

Director of Choral Activities / Music Instructor
Office: Yeates Fine Arts Building, Office 115C

Ryan Jobe

Donnie "Ryan" Jobe

Band Director
Office: FA 115 A

James Shannon

James Shannon

Music Instructor
Office: FA 116

Jennifer Woodard

Jennifer Woodard

Fine Arts Department Chair / Art Instructor
Office: FA 100 A