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Factor it any way you want, Math and Science is in the equation at MDCC!

It's used by the aerospace engineer who designs the next generation space shuttle or the architect in California who designs earthquake proof buildings which save lives. It's the universal language that transcends time and space, yet is woven into our everyday lives as well. The goal of the math and science instructors at Mississippi Delta is not just to teach math and science to students, but also to teach them to apply what they learn to a career that makes a difference in the world. The department has a proven track record as evidenced by the success of our graduates, not just in the Mississippi Delta but all throughout the United States as well!

Course Check Sheets

Biological Sciences
Chemistry/Physics/Physical Science
Pre-Health Professions 


Name POSITION Location Phone Email
Elizabeth Scrivner Department Chair, Biology Instructor Harper 129 662-246-6402

Barbara Smith Administrative Support Harper 115 662-246-6426

Amy Biles Physical Sciences Instructor Harper 118 662-246-6233

Lakeland Ezell Biology Instructor Greenwood Center 662-453-7377

Karen Haun Mathematics Instructor Harper 114 662-246-6277

Ann Huber Physical Sciences Instructor Harper 126 662-246-6403

Philip Lawes Math Instructor Harper 127 662-246-6401

Kathryn Ledbetter Natural Sciences Instructor GHEC 662-332-8167

Lisa Lloyd Natural Sciences Instructor Harper 117 662-246-6389

Sriram Nallani Math Instructor Greenwood Center 662-453-7377

Ruth Sims Beginning Algebra Instructor Harper 113 662-246-6421

Mason Smallwood (Francis) Biology Instructor Harper 116 662-246-6395

Vicki Tabb Math Instructor Harper 125 662-246-6279