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Student Information & Services

Dual Enrollment

Applications for admission to Mississippi Delta Community College should be submitted to the Registrar. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to have his/her record of high school or college credits (mailed directly from the school to MDCC) and other documents required for admission submitted in advance of registration.

Admissions information may be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Management at 662-246-6306. Applications for admission and other forms and information are available through this office and can also be printed form the website.

MDCC is an approved institution for providing educational training for veterans and GI Bill students.

For complete information click here.

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

The method with which Mississippi Delta Community College governs the distribution of student information is based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 or FERPA. This Act, as amended, established the requirements governing the privacy of student educational records in regards to the release of those records and access to those records. This Act is also known as the Buckley Amendment.

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Academic advising is provided through designated campus advisors. During the advising session, a check sheet/degree plan will be outlined with graduation from MDCC being the end goal.

ACT English and Math sub scores will be used for placement according to the following chart.

Beginning English and Reading 1-13
Intermediate English and Reading 14-16
English Composition I 17+

Beginning Algebra 1-15
Intermediate Algebra 16-18
College Algebra 19+


Once you have submitted your withdrawal form to eLearning or emailed your instructor to withdraw, DO NOT log back into the course.  If you do, it's possible you will be charged for the course.

MDCC students can withdraw from an eLearning class by completing the online Withdrawal Form:
Click here for the eLearning Withdrawal Form 


Summer Session 2021 Attendance Policies
Fall Session 2021 Regular Session Attendance Policies
Fall Session 2021 Special Session Attendance Policies

If you registered through another school, then your withdrawal privileges are governed by their regulations. Contact the eLC at your school of registry.  You must withdraw through the school that registered you.

Students may acquire their textbooks through the MDCC campus bookstore.

MDCC Campus Bookstore
Tanner Building, Room 103
Moorhead Campus
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Contact: Kelly Pilgrim, Manager

The Business Office is the financial hub of Mississippi Delta Community College. This office is responsible for billing and processing of tuition and fee payments, third party billings, and the disbursement of excess financial aid and other funds.

The Business Office is located in the Boggs-Scroggins Student Services Center on the Moorhead campus. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For a complete fee schedule/payment listing, click here.

Canvas is the Learning Management System used to navigate all eLearning courses and the tool for which students turn in assignments and communicate with their instructors. Once a student is admitted and a schedule is made, access to Canvas will be granted. The web address for Canvas is

Click here for Canvas Training

Click here for the catalog/student handbook. This book contains complete information on policies regarding academics, programs, courses, grievance procedures, history of the institution, disciplinary action, and many other policies and procedures.

If a student has a disability that qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and requires accommodations, he/she should contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services for information on appropriate policies and procedures.

Contact information
Nakeshia Fipps
Phone: 662-246-6361
Fax: 662-246-8627

For help with logging in to the MyDelta portal (for student email, Banner, or Canvas), visit the Office of Information Technology's section on the MDCC website. Instructions for setting up your phone to receive your school email may be found at this location also.

MDCC’s Library grants access to many online resources and databases. Database log in information may be found within a student’s course in Canvas. Click here to visit the MDCC library web page.

Summer eLearning Classes

There is no refund for summer online classes once classes begin. Students who register for courses and do not return for the registered semester must contact the eLearning office to be dropped from their classes before the first day of class. Failure to drop classes from the campus web system will result in charges to the student's account and those courses will appear on the student's transcript.

Fall & Spring eLearning Classes

Refunds for Fall and Spring semester online classes will be figured based upon the institutional refund policy which can be found under the student cost section of the MDCC catalog. Students who register for courses and do not return for the registered semester must contact the eLearning office to be dropped from their classes before the first day of class. Failure to drop classes from the campus web system will result in charges to the student's account and those courses will appear on the student's transcript.

State Authorization for Online Education

If you are a Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) student or a prospective student who will not reside in Mississippi while enrolled in MDCC online classes, be aware that all U.S. states require post-secondary educational institutions to be legally authorized to provide online education courses to students in all states and territories. MDCC participates in the "National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), an agreement among member states, districts, and territories that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary online education courses and programs. It is intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state. SARA is overseen by a National Council and administered by four regional educational compacts.”

Colleges and universities in a SARA state only need their home state authorization to offer online education to any other SARA member state. A current list of member states can be found here.

Online Education Complaint Process

For MDCC’s Out-of-State Students

Mississippi Delta Community College seeks to resolve concerns and complaints in a fair and timely manner. Students who have a complaint may submit their concerns in accordance with the Student Complaint Process found in the MDCC Catalog/Student handbook.  Complaints regarding student grades or student conduct violations are governed entirely by the MDCC policy. Students should exhaust MDCC’s internal complaint process before pursuing external options.

If a complaint cannot be resolved through the Mississippi Delta Community College student complaints process, students may file a complaint with the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation by visiting their site. Students may also contact the appropriate agency in their state of residency. A current list of agencies can be found here.

Note: This process is not applicable to matters related to student grades or discipline/conduct matters.

Professional Licensure

If you live outside the state of Mississippi and are considering a program that leads to licensure, it is highly recommended that you should contact the appropriate licensing board in your home state before beginning an academic program at MDCC. While every attempt is made to stay informed of the laws in each state, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the appropriate licensing board in his or her home state to confirm whether or not the MDCC program will meet the state’s licensure.

MDCC is committed to creating and maintaining a community where students, faculty, administration, and staff can work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, functioning in one accord, with institutional policies and procedures. A student may use the procedures as outlined in the Catalog/Student Handbook for instructional and non-instructional complaints.

To submit a complaint, click here to complete the online Student Complaint Form.

eLearning students have access to NetTutor which is an online service offered to students free of charge through their Canvas account. Just click on the course with which help is needed, click on NetTutor, and get the help you need from a credentialed professional.  Click here for tutorials and more information about NetTutor.