MDCC - Application & Admission Procedure

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Application & Admission Procedure

Applicants must have the following documents on file in the Health Sciences office by March 1 to be considered for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program:

  • MDCC application for admission or readmission
  • MDCC application to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program
  • An official high school transcript from an approved high school or High School Equivalency score (GED or HiSET), if not previously enrolled in college
  • An official college transcript from all colleges previously or presently attending
  • ACT score
  • Entrance test scores (TEAS)
  • One Academic and one Personal/Work reference form
  • Observation Hours Forms (a minimum of two totaling at least 20 hours from two different facilities)
  • Autobiographical Information Form; and
  • Verification of Physical Therapy Observation Summary
Students are encouraged to submit all parts of the application well in advance of the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for admission.

When the application is available, the link located below will be active. 

PTA Application

Applicants must:

  • meet general college admission requirements;
  • have a minimum ACT score of 18 (15 if taken before October 28, 1989) if entering college for the first time OR a minimum ACT score of 16 to17 (12 to14 if taken before October 28, 1989) and have completed at least 12 semester hours with a “C” average or better in courses approved by the PTA Program; and
  • take the TEAS entrance test at the applicant’s own expense. The test be taken within 18 months of application deadline.

No applicant will be considered unless the minimum admission requirements are met.  Admission requirements are evaluated by the use of an Applicant Rating Scale which includes ACT scores, GPA, entrance test scores, previous degrees awarded, performance on core courses*, and observation hours.  All documents must be submitted by March 1.  The application process is very competitive, so meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. The number of applicants accepted is limited due to the nature of the program as well as accreditation requirements. Applicants will be notified by letter of their conditional acceptance or non-acceptance to the program.  The conditional acceptance letter will include specific instructions regarding all requirements that must be completed prior to August admission.  These requirements are listed below:

  • completion of Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO 2513/2511) and Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO 2523/2521) with a grade of “C” or better during the summer session or regular session prior to admission to the PTA program;
  • satisfactory completion of AHA-BLS Provider CPR course taught during the summer
  • satisfactory background check (see Policy on Admission to Health Science Program);
  • health evaluation form completed by a physician or nurse practitioner;
  • proof of current immunizations including, but not limited to Hepatitis-B vaccination series, Tdap booster, and TB skin test;
  • acceptable pre-admission drug screen; and
  • attendance in pre-admission orientation.

*Core Courses may be found on the Program Course Check Sheet

After notification of program acceptance, the student will be required to:

  • Attend a mandatory Health Sciences and PTA Program orientation;
  • Complete all orientation-related activities (Examples: obtain physical and receive a clear criminal background status) on or before first day of class;
  • Submit all orientation-related paperwork on or before first day of class; and
  • Meet any requirements specific to clinical education sites/instructors.

A PTA Program student must maintain a grade of “C” in all core courses to progress in the program.  Students who do not maintain a “C” will be dismissed from the program.