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The area of music within the Fine Arts Department is organized to serve in a three-fold nature: to provide sound guidance and thorough training for its gifted students whose goal is to achieve a career in professional music; to develop competent teachers in the field of Music Education; and to enrich the cultural background of the music majors, the entire student body, and the area in which the community college serves, through appreciation courses, concerts, and recitals.

The course in Music Education is designed to provide the first two years of a music curriculum required for a Bachelor of Music Education or equivalent degree. This course is for students interested in teaching school music or other phases of music.

All music majors are required to select a major and minor emphasis, either instrumental, piano, or voice. All music majors are also required to appear in a jury or recital each semester. Required practice hours will be a part of the total grade evaluation. Music majors are also required to participate in an ensemble, such as Band, Jazz Band, Ambassadors, or MDCC Singers each semester.

Several opportunities for FULL SCHOLARSHIPS are available in the Music area for students who are gifted in performance arts. Students may audition for the following groups: the MDCC Ambassadors show choir and the MDCC Band, under the direction of Mr. James Shannon. Auditions for each group are held during the spring semester.

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Name POSITION Email Phone
James Shannon Director of the Ambassadors Show Choir & MDCC Band

Ben Folk Instructor

Jennifer Woodard Division Chair of Fine Arts