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MPTA & APTA Membership

The Mississippi Physical Therapy Association (MPTA) is a statewide professional organization composed of approximately 700 physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and physical therapist/physical therapist assistant students. The organization works to advance the physical therapy profession as well as promote and improve the health and quality of life for the people of Mississippi. MPTA is a state chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

  • Click here to access the MPTA home page. Please like and share the MPTA's Facebook page.
  • Click here to access the student-specific page of the MPTA.  Please like and share the MPTA's Student Special Interest Group Facebook page.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is the national version of the MPTA's state version and is an individual membership professional organization representing more than 100,000 member physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs), and students of physical therapy. APTA seeks to improve the health and quality of life of individuals in society by advancing physical therapist practice, education, and research, and by increasing the awareness and understanding of physical therapy's role in the nation's health care system.

  • Click here to access the APTA home page. Please like and share the APTA's Facebook page.
  • Click here to access the specific APTA page regarding student leadership.

Because lifelong, professional support and membership of the MPTA and APTA are so important, the program will require that program students become members of both of the organizations. Program students will be expected to access the membership benefits of both organizations during the course of the program in order to complete some assignments.